5 Things To Try When Your Car Ignition Doesn’t Turn

Car key and car ignition problems can happen at any time – and they mean that you’re having problems with either your car ignition or the key itself.

Never let car key ignition problems and car key delays like this keep you waiting around – emergency situations like this call for an emergency locksmith like Best Rate Locksmiths who will get you back on the road fast and without any damage.

What do I do if my car keys won’t turn the ignition?

Your car ignition cylinder serves as the power starter for your vehicle. And often people will encounter issues related to the cylinder, such as:

– Stuck car keys
– Car not starting
– Power issues

When these issues strike, you may consider calling your car dealer, but if you need an immediate solution, your trusty local auto locksmith is your best choice.

You should also initially check to see if you’re using the right keys in the first place (we know, it seems so obvious, but believe us, we’ve seen it happen before!), as wrong keys might cause further car ignition damage.

We outline five things to do when your keys won’t turn your car on through the car ignition lock cylinder.

1. “Jiggle” your steering wheel
If your car won’t turn on, the reason may lie behind your steering wheel. One of the best ways to fix this is to jiggle or move your steering wheel left and right while you turn the ignition.

Some cars also require drivers to use the steering wheel to lift or adjust their car seat which may automatically lock their steering wheel.

When trying to jiggle your steering wheel, always remember that unlocking may depend on your car type, so do so with care to avoid further damage.

2. Spray your ignition chamber
If you can’t turn your ignition chamber, it might be jammed or clogged up.

Try spraying a silicon-based lock lubricant to clean the wafers and remove any dirt and debris that may be stopping your car key from turning.

You may need to avoid oil-based products as a lubricant as they usually just stick to dirt and accumulate over time, blocking your ignition chamber even more.

If you’re not sure what the safest and most effective lubricant is to use, don’t take any risks and contact your auto locksmith right away for the advice!

3. Check your car battery
If your car battery is dead your ignition chamber will obviously not start up your car.

So if your car isn’t starting, check the battery light and if your headlights can turn on.

If the lights turn on and there doesn’t seem to be a sign of a dead battery, then there may be a complicated underlying issue in your ignition chamber that needs to be addressed by an auto mechanic or an auto locksmith.

4. Replace your car keys
Why is my car key stuck in the ignition?
Old, worn out, bent or damaged car keys will often make it difficult and sometimes impossible to start your ignition, and maybe even unlock your doors.

Never try fixing your bent keys yourself, as it may damage them further. The best and most efficient thing you can do is to get your keys replaced as soon as possible.

You might think any old locksmith can help, but your best bet is with an auto locksmith who doesn’t just cut and replace keys, but can program transponder car keys as well!

5. Call auto locksmith
Calling an auto locksmith is more worthwhile than calling a mechanic or your car dealer.

Best Rate locksmiths perform a range of car keys, lock, and ignition services for all popular makes and models.

So if you can’t remove your car key from your ignition, or you want to get back in your car quickly, safely, and without any damage, then you need an auto locksmith like us to come to your aid.