About Us

We are A NYC Licensed and Insured Mobile Locksmith Providing All Your Automotive Lock Needs

Best Rate Locksmiths is a full-service mobile locksmith business that serves the counties of NYC and Westchester NY. Our technicians can provide auto locksmith solutions for any make or model vehicle. We feature affordable rates and rely on the best-quality hardware and products from our industry. If you have a lockout situation or break your key in your ignition, our mobile locksmith pros can help.

Our car locksmith services include:

❒ Car Lock Repair
❒ Car Key Duplication
❒ ECU Programing
❒ High-Security Car Key
❒ Transponder Keys
❒ Chip Key Programming
❒ Key Fobs
❒ Key Cloning
❒ Car Ignition Repair
❒ Replacement of Car Keys
❒ Lockout Situations and More….

ECU Cloning

When a module is very damaged the automobile stops working properly. Most of the dealerships only have the ability to program new electronic modules and not capable of reprogramming a used unit. Advamex can transfer all the data of a damaged ECU to a replacement module at a fraction of the cost.

What is ECU cloning?

Cloning is a technical process in which the existing data of the module is duplicated in the replacement module. The data including the VIN Number allows that the old module is replace with the new one. With our high-quality cloning processes, there is no additional programming needed before installation.

When to clone an ECU

If your car begins to have problems with the motor, such as sudden shut down or rough starts, the ECU needs to be repaired generally. While our technicians can repair most of the ECU problems, the damaged modules ECU, ECM, PCM and FICM must be cloned or repaired. Our laboratory can clone the ECU data into the new module without incurring high costs.

Our mobile locksmith service is available in the following areas:

Bronx, NY | NYC, NY | Westchester, NY | Yonkers, NY| Pelham, NY | Washington Heights, NY | Brooklyn, NY | Queens, NY | White Plains, NY | Harlem, NY | Other areas by appointment