Audi Q5(8RB) 2008–2017 ECU cloning service .



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This cloning service will read the original all of original ECU data and transfer VIN, IMMOBILIZER, software and coding (including coding if applicable) to the replacement ECU. The replacement ECU will be identical to original after end of procedure. After receiving the ECU back, it should plug into the car and start right up as if it were original with original keys.

For this cloning service, you will have to send in the original and replacement ECU (make sure part numbers match or are compatible).

If original ECU is damaged beyond being able to read out data, we will ship back both units and provide a refund for your order, minus shipping cost.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to confirm that we can clone your certain ECU, please send us an email, and a picture of the ecu stickers.

Engine                                                       ECU

2000 TFSI quattro CCTA 200 BOSCH MED17.5.2 TC1767
2000 TFSI quattro CCZC 170 BOSCH MED17.5.2 TC1767
2000 16v TDI <CR> CGLA 163 BOSCH EDC17C46 TC1767
2000 16v TDI <CR> CJCB 140 BOSCH EDC17C46 TC1767
2000 16v TFSI — 208 BOSCH MED17.1 TC1796
2000 T FAD 224 BOSCH MED17.1 ver2 TC1796
2000 TDI quattro CAHB 170 BOSCH EDC17CP14 TC1796
2000 TDI quattro CGLB 170 BOSCH EDC17C46 TC1767
2000 TDI quattro CJCA 136 BOSCH EDC17C46 TC1767
2000 TDI quattro CNHA 190 BOSCH EDC17C64 TC1797
2000 TFSI quattro CDNB 180 BOSCH MED17.5 TC1766

2000 TFSI quattro CDNC 211

BOSCH MED17.5 TC1766
BOSCH MED17.5 TC1766
3000 TDI quattro CCWA 240 BOSCH EDC17CP14 TC1796
3000 TDI quattro CPNB 240 BOSCH EDC17CP44 TC1797

3000 TFSI quattro S-Tronic CTUC 272

VAG_TEMIC_DL501Gen1 TC1766
VAG_TEMIC_DL501Gen2 TC1784

3000 TFSI quattro S-Tronic CTVA 272

VAG_TEMIC_DL501Gen2 TC1784
VAG_TEMIC_DL501Gen1 TC1766
3000 V6 TDI <CR> CDUD 244 BOSCH EDC17CP44 TC1797


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